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Laysan located 808 nautical miles (1,496 km; 930 mi) northwest of Honolulu at N25° 42' 14" W171° 44' 04", is one of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.Laysan albatross Makana a Laysan albatross With a wingspan of six feet (2 m), the Laysan albatross is one of the smaller species and adept at diving for .Aug 21, 2013 July 29 to August 11, 2013 Andrea Kristof After a brief vacation from the demands of parenting, the Millerbirds of Laysan Island (in Hawai'i) are .Laysan Albatrosses are very large seabirds (though they are among the smaller albatrosses). They have very long, very narrow wings. The neck is thick and the .The Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) is a large seabird that ranges across the North Pacific. The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are home to 99.7% .

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