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I masteravhandlingen er problemstillingen "Har effektivisering i sykehus påvirket kvaliteten på tjenestetilbudet til befolkningen." Det er et tema som har blitt aktualisert ved at det har blitt et større fokus på dette fra myndighetene.

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The Avaldsnes priests – we are told – climbed the needle under cover of darkness to thin the point as it leaned closer – thus saving the world from disaster. The gap is currently 9.2 cm. Olav’s Church, built by Haakon Haakonsen in about 1250 AD, is a powerful monument to former greatness.

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Trends in homicide, 1980-90 to 2013-14. Homicide incidents, victims and offenders, 1989-90 to 2013-14 (rate per 100,000) Homicide in Australia has declined over the last 25 years. The current homicide incidence rate is the lowest on record in the past 25 years.

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Whereas the work of law enforcement officials 1 is a social service of great importance and there is, therefore, a need to maintain and, whenever necessary, to improve the working conditions and status of these officials, Whereas a threat to the life and safety of law enforcement officials.

Veiledning til akkrediteringsvilkår for laboratorier og prøvetakingsorganisasjoner/Guidance to the accreditation conditions for laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025).